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Welcome to NNR - Kenya Addressing the rights of retrenchees Working together to support retrenchees Enhancing social and economic justice Promoting the rights of retrenchees


Welcome to National Network of Retrenchees for Social & Economic Justice - Kenya (NNR - Kenya).

We are a civil society organization (CSO) founded and registered with the Registrar of Societies’ State Law Office, Kenya in the year 2003. Our mission is to give hope and promote rights of the retrenched workers,  and potential retrenchees. Our objectives as set out in our constitution   are: to advance and promote peace, social and economic justice, to engage in income generating activities to assist each other in case of difficulties, to subscribe  to, support, and affiliate with any organization with similar mind. This is the only such umbrella organization in Kenya.

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We articulate the interests of retrenched people

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