Our objectives

Our strategic objectives

A. To capacity-build and equip members with various skills including ICT, entrepreneurship, and climate change technology skills to access the labour market again and self-employment..
B. To lobby and advocate for the rights of retrenched workers, and others as provided in the Constitution of Kenya.
C. To provide Legal assistance to members retrenched.
D. To promote economic empowerment of members including through the establishment of a Micro-Credit Financing/Revolving Fund, Retrenches Co-operative Savings and Credit Society (RECSCS) and other kinds of investment.
E. To always keeps abreast through knowledge, including research, and information on retrenched activities and needs.
F. To provide public education and work with communities on matters of national importance including participation in relief supply and during Risk disaster management. ,
G. Establish education and training scholarship programmed for the retrenched family members.
H. To develop and sustain strategic partnerships for the organization core programmes.

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