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Fighting Climate Change – Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission from the Planet)

8) Fighting Climate Change – Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission from the Planet

The NNR-Kenya is humbled to have Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas Accounting Expert in the house. People have lost jobs as a result of organizations failures to monitor their wastage to improve efficiency on their operation areas. Emission is associated to inefficiency. Organizations who retrench staff have not identified some of the mistakes within that need to be fixed to retain their staff. Climate change causes need to be fixed at source. We are running the project of increasing climate Science Literacy through organizations and communities in the Northern Rangeland of Kenya.

The project will run Community Nurseries for seedlings to be provided to the Community Land Trust for free to increase forest restorations and also create new conservancies.

The project will Drill three Boreholes near the Conservancy and elect twenty pit latrines to enhance Hygiene among the members of the communities. Forest Carbon Stocking is a Business and is an investment for Scaling Suitability and Resilience efforts to the Community Landowners/Trusts. It has the benefits including:

  • Securing the future of  Community Land Trusts Managements , suppliers and contractors in the chain
  • Providing additional employment of 1000 plus people (Youths/Women as field supervisors, engineers, accountants, data collectors, seedling transporters among others). Retrenched workers need alternative Jobs through Climate Change Technology.

Why Climate changes Sensitization?  Sensitization provides awareness and expertise necessary for influencing positive change. It plays a crucial leadership role in developing the capacity of beneficiaries to self-organize and participate in processes that enable them to better understand, innovate, recover and adapt in the face of increasing climate uncertainty. There is therefore need to invest in programs that creates economic and environmental benefits to scale Sustainability and resilience objectives. The project brings COP21 Paris Agreement to test in Northern Rangeland.   Climate change Literacy is near Zero in Kenya and a great opportunity for us to tap.

Donations and grants from corporations, foundations and individuals are critical to changing lives when people take steps to reduce climate change causes at sources. Climate Change affects adequate water supply. Access to safe water improves health, empowers Landowners, sustains employment, and increases family income and increases access to education.  Operating in a safe environment where everyone is informed of the climate change causes and steps to take is the best way to go in addressing climate change. Let us protect the planet that we all share by understanding sources and types of  greenhouses gases  Access to Climate Change information by the Landowners and Investors leads to increased share investments and emissions reductions , and you can make that possible by providing funds. For more information about how you can help, kindly email us at retrenchee@gmail.com

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