The National Network of Retrenches for Social and Economic Justice (NNR) was established by victims of retrenchment in Kenya to articulate the interests of people through advocacy, social justice, economic justice and other issues such as HIV/AIDS and the environment. The Network advocates for the rights of people who have been retrenched, and participates in public educational activities (civic education). The organisation also provides resilience skills to help people to navigate life after retrenchment. Retrenchment doesn’t have a Human “FACE” in Kenya.

Through lobbying policy makers to have a human face-retrenchment, increasing awareness of the rightful compensation, engaging the governments to change bad labor laws, attending sponsored seminars to engage with others, working with employers to share with the here-marked staff for retrenchment etc.

Yes. We are open to partners with any government agency to assist  improve the lives of retrenched people.

You are welcome to be:

(a) A monthly contributor
(b) Yearly contributor
c) One-off contributor
d) International fundraiser
e) International volunteer

We have prioritized issues as follows:

1) Provision of resilience skills to the laid-off staff
2) Retraining of retrenched staff on new skills
3) Operating a laid-off staff micro-credit program
4) Retrenched hospital facility in Kajiado
5) Provision of legal services to the laid-off workers.
6) Advocacy and rights
7) Provision of civic education
8) Climate change science literacy and environmental protection program

Yes. Our legal service and training officer is a person living with a disability.

YES.  Women agenda is on top of our priorities. Women form 80% of the Micro-credit beneficiaries. We are committed to addressing the inequalities in income distribution at the household level. The organization is gender-sensitive and follows the 2/3 Gender Rule on the 2010 Constitution of Kenya

YES, NNR-Kenya is responsible, and transparent and accountable on its financial matters and otherwise. We have auditors’ financial governance.

YES we allow as per donors’ advice.

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