3) Retrenchees' micro-credit operations

This is an activity to provide small loans through groups guarantee method. Members are loaned based on their Savings 5 Times of their shares. The loans are insured to protect the loss of funds in case of deaths or any other calamities.

This program also creates employment opportunities to local and international volunteers who are willing to learn and to offer their skills at a small fee. The micro-credit program benefits women 80% to address inequality in resources distribution at the household level. Women are the greatest beneficiaries. This is a high impact project designed by the NNR-Kenya.

The program aim to reach 10,000 members under a micro-credit and finally operate a front-office services system for the members to access their money with easy. We need to re-activate this operation since there is a ready market and we only need to strengthen strategic development partner like take off.

Donations and grants from corporations, foundations and individuals are critical to changing lives with this micro-credit. Access to credit facility improves reduce inequality, empowers women, increases family income and increases access to education. Access to business loans changes everything, and you can make that possible by providing funds. For more information about how you can help, kindly email us at retrenchee@gmail.com.

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