5) Advocacy and rights

Retrenched workers’ rights need to be respected. The Central Organization Trade Union (COTU) works for those in employment leaving those who are laid –off unattended. The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) board of trust holds our members investments yet our members are not allowed represented in the board something that need to be changed  through the Act, of Parliament.

Retrenchment in Kenya is an ongoing thing and doesn’t have human face. Workers were paid USD. 376 (SH.40, 000) as golden handshake. This is an abuse to a worker who has assisted to build Kenya through Taxation. Retrenched workers’ rights must be protecting through affair and adequate compensation to benefits.

There is urgent need to fast track the pending court Cases and also demand for better compensation to recollect the injustices meted to past retrenched workers since early 1990s.

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