2) Retraining of retrenched workers in Kenya

When we retrain retrenched workers we invest in the communities they live. Retrained retrenched workers with new and modern skills have the capacity to rejoin the labour market again. The programs that  we provide   laid-off workers with  gives them the tools they need to start new life and  to resisting negative  influence due to lose of jobs.

During the training, beneficiaries have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussion, and seek advice and guidance. This program applies to all retrenched workers to help them cope with the digital generation gap.

Majority of the retrenched workers were of lower grades with no specialized skills making them accessing new job markets near impossible.  This project is targeting to retrain 5000- 10,000 in 24 months across the Country. The Training period lasts from 1week to 3 Months depending on the nature of the skills being learned.

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